The Rector’s Address

Dear colleagues, students, postgraduate students!


Today modernization of the national educational system is taking place in the context of European integration and is oriented toward fundamental values of the world civilization preserving the best achievements of home education and science. All these require conducting fundamental and applied investigations in evaluating the quality of education and the grounding of the paradigm of modern education on the principles of humanism. Modern innovative development of the education is inevitably connected with scientific researches which should be predictable, practically oriented and should constantly accompany the educational process.


Lviv State Academy of Finance in its activity is directed toward persistent improvement and provides education of the highest quality. The trends of the Academy are: integration of the educational process, mobility of students and teachers, professionalism and competitiveness in the market of educational services and labour market.

The importance and actuality of the specialities, obtained at the Academy, confirm the fact that all the graduates are employed and work according to their specialities. Among them there are many well-known financiers and economists, directors of financial, taxation, controlling and inspecting institutions, as well as leading scientists.

I wish our applicants to make the right choice of speciality and have successful studying at our Academy.


Respectfully yours,

Rector, Doctor of Economic Sciences,

Honoured Economist of Ukraine

     Professor P. Buryak