The basic stages of becoming:

30.08.1957 - 01.12.1961 – Central Financial Courses

01.12.1961 -25.10.1963 – Lviv branch of Chernivtsi Finance Technical School

25.10.1963 - 24.12.1993 – Lviv Financial Technical School

24.12.1993 - 16.11.1998 – Lviv Financial and Economic College

16.11.1998 - 13.07.2004 – Lviv State Financial and Economic Institute

The history of Lviv State Academy of Finance takes the beginning on August 30, 1957. Then the central financial advanced training courses of MOF USR for workers of financial system were created. During two months (September-October, 1957) Oleksandr Pavlovych Chueshov was the director of courses, and Ivan Stepanovych Klymchuk was the director of studies. Since November 20, 1957 the director of central financial courses was Mykhaylo Maksymovych Alekseenko and the director of studies was Feodosiya Stepanivna Cherepovska. All material infrastructure with the house on the Kopernyk street, 3 were transferred to newly created courses. The history of the educational institution is closely connected with the history of the house, which is in the centre of our ancient city of Lviv. In due time house was constructed for Italian insurance company Assicurazioni Generali from city of Trieste. Later the house was passed to the departmental submission of State insurance of USSR. Soon after Lviv liberation from German armies, three monthly Republican courses of cadres preparing started to operate here.








M.M. Alekseenko

The first recorded mentions of the future owner of house Yan Marshal of the city council in L'viv are dated December, 20, 1867. As a whole civil work was completed in 1910, however numerous replannings on demand of city council, and also establishments of complex system of illumination which was mounted by Viennese firm Monovatlampen, last down to 1939. The house was built under the project of known Lviv architect A.Zaharevych in the style of Setsesiya – the Austrian variant of architectural modern. The interior and ex-terrier of a construction was absorbed with all brightest features of this style. In particular, a harmonious composition of a house emphasizes majolica (porcelain) inserts, maskarony (a sculptural detail as a mask) and four symbolical status, on a pediment of Z.Kurchynsky work. The present ornament of a construction is also the high relief of “Care” above the entrance. Today the scale restoration works from renewal of a primitive kind of a house facade are planned.







Roman L.P.

In 1961 on the basis of the Central financial courses (the order of Ministry of Finance of USSR from December, 1, 1961 № 0109) the Lviv branch of Chernivtsi finance technical school was formed. Feodosiya Stepanivna Cherepovska was appointed as a director, and the deputy director of studies was Leonid Pavlovych Romanov. In November, 1962 F.S.Cherepovska was transferred to postgraduate study of Lviv Trade and Economic Institute, hence about 1.11.1962 Leonid Pavlovych Romanov became the director and the deputy director of studies became Lyudmyla Yosypivna Pankova. Cooperation with financial bodies and establishments from different regions of Ukraine enabled to carry out preparation of highly skilled specialists.







Pankova L.I.







Kvasova R.P.

1963 is the turning point in history of our educational establishment, when on the basis of the Lviv branch of Chernovitsky technical school of Finance was created the Lviv technical school of Finance (the order of the Ministry of Finance of URSR from 25.10.1963 № 109). The status of an independent educational establishment opened new prospects for the subsequent development and improvement, has made possible increase in quantity of students, expansions of staff of pedagogical workers, improvements of material base. New created technical school was placed to the habitual address - Kopernik, 3. Leonid Pavlovich Romanov was appointed as the director, and the deputy direktor of studies was Pankova Lyudmila Iosifovna. On January 3, 1966 Kvasova Raisa Pavlovna became the deputy director of studies. Since June 1, 1978 the director of technical school was appointed Feodosiya Stephanivna Cherepovska , and Leonid Pavlovich Romanov on a state of health passes to a post of the teacher.

Cherepovska F.S.

For the purpose of perfection of educational and methodical work and increase of pedagogical skill in technical school are working five subject cyclic commissions (social and economic, general educational, registration, financial disciplines and the analysis financially economic activities), is created methodical council. On August 22, 1983 Bek Valentina Leonidovna was appointed to a post of the deputy director from study.







Buryak P.Y.

Since September 1, 1988 the director of technical school had been appointed Petro Yurievych Buryak. The new period in educational institution development begins: level of preparation of the future experts of financial business essentially raises, forms and methods of educational and educational work are improved. In 1993 according to the order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine from 24.12.1993 № 114 technical school was reorganised in the Lviv college of Finance and Economics. The new stage of development of educational institution is based by the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from November 16, 1998 № | 5 „On creation of the Lviv State Institute of Finance and Economics”. In July, 2004 to orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 13.07.04 № | 471-r | the institute was reorganised in the Lviv state academy of Finance.

Since 1988 the educational institution is headed by Doctor of Economics, the professor, the deserved economist of Ukraine Petro Yurievych Buryak, and his invariable assistant from methodical and educational work is the senior lecturer, the deserved educator of Ukraine Valentina Leonidovna Bek.







Bek V.L.

In 2008 Natalya Stepanivna Sytnyk, candidate of economic sciences, docent was appointed pro-rector for educational and methodical work.