Telephone directory

Address of educational establishment:

79000, Lviv, 3 Kopernik Street

Tel.: (032) 272-40-54; fax: (032) 244-44-69



Reception office


First pro-rector 240-34-92
Pro-rector for scientific work 275-16-25
Pro-rector for educational and organizational and economic work 240-34-93
Pro-rector for educative work 240-34-95
Pro-rector for administrative and supply work 272-40-81
Dean's office of the Faculty of Finance 244-87-04
Dean's office of the Faculty of Accounting and Economics 272-66-52
Dean's office of the Extra-Mural Faculty 244-87-05
Dean's office of the Post-Diploma and Preparatory Faculty 240-34-97
Scientific Secretary 240-34-96
Educational and Methodical Department 272-66-52
Scientific and Research Sector 240-34-96
Department of Personnel Management and Legal Guarantee 240-34-95
Department of Technical Means of Education and Publishing 240-34-97
Administrative and Supply Department 272-40-81
Accounting Department 272-40-55
Chancery 272-40-54
Planning and Financing Group 240-34-93
Operational and Technical Group