Scientific and methodic work

The Financial faculty was created in 1996. It was the only faculty at the day-time form of study of Lviv Finance and Economics College. The faculty trained specialists from the direction 6.0501 "Economics" by the professional direction "Finances and Credit" in the specializations "Taxes and Taxation" and "Budget and Budgetary". The enrollment into the college was carried out on the base of general (9 form) and senior school education (11 form).

In 1997 speciality "Finances" was accredited according to the education qualification "Bachelor's degree". The first graduation of bachelors was the same year.

The creation of Lviv State Finance and Economics Institute began the new stage of development of the educational establishment as a higher educational establishment of the 3rd level of accreditation. On the base of the decision of the SAC of April, 11, 2001 the educational establishment obtained the right to train specialists in the speciality 7.050104 "Finances" and in July the speciality was accredited for the 3rd level. The same year the Accounting and Economics Faculty was created. The Finance and Economics Faculty was renamed into the Finance Faculty.

General information

The faculty includes four graduating profiling departments:

• the department of finances;

• the department of taxes, budget and treasury;

• department of economics and entrepreneurship;

• department of economic theory.

The departments of faculty are formed from highly qualified specialists who have a considerable practical, scientific and pedagogic experience. The education process is provided by 84 scientific and pedagogic workers. There are six doctors of sciences among them.

The Finance Faculty trains bachelors, specialists and masters in the speciality "Finances" of the professional direction "Economics and Entrepreneurship". The training of the specialists is carried out in two stages: at first the students obtain education qualification level of a "bachelor", then the students have a possibility to continue their study according to the Specialist's and Master's degree training programs. The curricula cover the cycle of humanitarian, economics and professional subjects that enable to train an intelligent specialist and represent the requirements of the practical work in financial and taxation bodies. Therefore we constantly extend our cooperation with financial, taxation, control and inspecting bodies, treasuries, the role of which is difficult to overestimate in the training process of future financiers. The combination of theory and practice is one of basic principles of training of financiers. The activity of the teaching staff is carried out in a tandem with practical workers.

The best graduates of the faculty have a possibility to continue their study in the post-graduate department and to obtain the degree of candidate of economics.

In order to introduce basic ideas, formulated by Bologna declaration in the system of higher education of Ukraine since 2006-2007 the credit and module system of educational process organization was implemented. This enables to take into account not only students' education loading, but also their participation in the scientific work, subject competitions, etc. Today 750 students study at the faculty. Annually over 150 students obtain the education qualification of the "bachelor's", "specialist's", "master's” degrees from the direction "Economics and Entrepreneurship" in the specialty "Finances". The fourth-year students major in "State Finances", "Treasury", "Taxation", "Finances of the Subjects of Economy".

The graduates who obtained the specialty "Finances" are able to apply the acquired knowledge and to use the them in practice. They successfully work and majority of them occupy leading positions in financial and taxation bodies, at the enterprises of different forms of ownership.

Material and technical base

The Educational building of the finance faculty occupies a separate apartment in Medova Pechera Street, 53. Today 18 class-rooms are available for conducting lectures, seminar and practical classes. The training of specialists is carried out with the use of modern information technologies, the wide use of computers to solve certain economic problems, analyze economic situations, create optimal working atmosphere. There are three classes equipped with 40 modern computers for information processing. Besides it, there is a possibility of access to the Internet. The library, the reading-room, the canteen are at the students' disposal.